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Buyer Persona Example | Warehouse 1 - Material Handling Equipment

Warehouse 1 is a material handling equipment provider providing pallet racks and industrial shelving.

The following is one of their buyer personas:

Warehouse 1 Buyer Persona Example

Warehouse 1's buyer persona does the following things well:

  • There is a general overview of the buyer persona with important information broken down in to different categories. 
  • The content is broken down in to easy to digest sections.
  • There is a photo of the fictional character which helps to strengthen the persona.

Landing Page Example | Back Bay Shutter Co. Inc. - Interior Shutters & Motorized Shades

Back Bay Shutter Co. Inc., a Boston-area shutter and shade company, used B2B Inbound, a HubSpot Certified Partner in our Service Marketplace to design their landing page. The landing page creates excitement at winning a trip to New York for the weekend, and definitively lays out the elements of the prize and the regulations around entering and winning.


If you are a HubSpot customer who needs help creating landing pages, click here to contact B2B Inbound.

Blog Example | Metal Roof Network - Metal Roofing Materials

Metal Roof Network, a supplier of metal roofing materials, created a blog to introduce potential customers to metal roofing, educate them on materials, and drive new quote requests.

metal roof network

Here are just a few things they're doing right on their blog:

  • Blog authors find ways to make relevant topics fun and informative
  • Posts are tightly optimized around relevant trafficked keyphrases
  • Interesting and highly relevant original images are used, and include keyword rich alt text

Click here to read the entire blog post shown above >

Blog Example | Probuilt - Professional Custom-Build Renovator

Probuilt, a professional custom-build renovator, created a blog to to showcase their work and attract new leads.

probuilt example

Here are just a few things they're doing right on their blog:

  • The sidebar includes multiple calls to action - connect on facebook, subscribe via email, etc.
  • Posts are well broken up with interesting, relevant images & whitespace
  • Subheadings are also used to break up text and as an opportunity to include more relevant keywords

Click here to read the entire blog post shown above >

Blog | Motion Computing - Slate Tablet PC Manufacturer

Motion Computing, a manufacturer of slate tablet PCs, has a great blog that helps them generate traffic to their site.

motion computing blog

Here are just some of the best practices they're executing on their blog:
  • Use target long-tail keywords in their blog titles
  • Use numbered lists and bullet points to make posts easy to read
  • Frequently and regularly post new content
  • Use images to make the blog posts look enticing
  • Separate long articles into two posts: Part 1 and Part 2. Two pages of content are better than one!

Check out the blog post shown below on the Motion Blog >

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