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HubSpot Goal Setting and Planning Class

Class Description

Lindsay Thibeault HubSpot
 Professor Lindsay Thibeault

Setting SMART goals and creating a plan to reach them is vital to becoming successful with your HubSpot. Attend the HubSpot Goal Setting and Planning Class and you'll learn how to set SMART marketing goals, create a detailed plan, and set about your daily tasks in a clear, methodical way. We'll also review the broader story of how inbound marketing works, and discuss how each HubSpot tool fits into that story.


Consists of a single, one-hour class. Please register for one of the upcoming sessions below:  

Wednesday, July 23rd - 9:00am to 10:00am ET   

Thursday, July 31st - 4:00pm to 5:00pm ET   

Topics Covered

  • Inbound Methodology - Find out exactly what inbound marketing is and how HubSpot aligns with the story.
  • Goal Setting and Planning - Learn how to set SMART marketing goals so that you can measure how you're doing as you go.
  • Introduction to the Training Program -  Learn how the training program is structured and what will be covered.
  • Activating HubSpot -  Learn how to set up and activate your HubSpot account.