The Power of Smarketing

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The tension between Sales and Marketing teams is a long-standing challenge for organizations of all sizes.

These teams argue over lead quality, follow-up procedures, or simply who's delivering value to the business. Sales and Marketing teams that are able to overcome these arguments and align with one another grow faster, generate more revenue, and are more likely to achieve their goals. Learn the steps you need to take to get your marketers and sales people on the same team.

This class fits into the "Close" stage of the Inbound Methodology - by aligning your Marketing and Sales teams, you can close more marketing leads into sales deals and hit your business goals.

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paid search trainingThe Power of Smarketing

What You Will Learn

describe the imageWhat is smarketing and why it is critical

    • The tension between Sales and Marketing teams is long-standing

    • Aligning these two teams around revenue

    • Sales and Marketing alignment to help reach your business goals

describe the imageSmarketing = Alignment

    • How to align your team around goals

    • How to align your team around personas

describe the imageFive steps to integrate smarketing

    • Speaking the same language

    • Setting up closed-loop reporting

    • Implementing a service level agreement

    • Maintaining open communication

    • Relying on data

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Meet Your Professor

ellie mirman
Ellie Mirman (LinkedIn, Twitter)  leads HubSpot's Inbound Marketing Funnel Team, focused on inbound lead generation and nurturing. She specializes in lead generation, email marketing, sales and marketing alignment, and marketing analytics. She is also a leader and founding member of ToastSpot, HubSpot's Toastmasters club.