On May 1st we will be releasing our annual update of the Inbound Certification.

If you're currently going through the content, we recommend completing the exam before May 1st, that way the content in your exam reflects what you've learned.

The Power of Smarketing

Videos in this class

This class has five sections. Navigate to one by hovering over the "playlist" section of the video above, then clicking on the section you're interested in.

1. Welcome! (1:08)

2. What is Smarketing and why is it critical? (1:23)

3. Smarketing equals alignment (4:06)

4. Five steps to integrate Smarketing into your organization (24:17)

5. Key takeaways and resources (1:37)

Additional Resources

Below are the additional resources mentioned in the "Key Takeaways and Resources" section of this class. Check 'em out!

What you will learn

  1. What is Smarketing and why it is critical
    • The tension between Sales and Marketing teams is long-standing
    • Aligning these two teams around revenue
    • Sales and Marketing alignment to help reach your business goals
  2. Smarketing = Alignment
    • How to align your team around goals
    • How to align your team around personas
  3. Five steps to integrate Smarketing
    • Speaking the same language
    • Setting up closed-loop reporting
    • Implementing a service level agreement
    • Maintaining open communication
    • Relying on data

Meet your professor

Ellie Mirman (LinkedInTwitter) was the former leader of HubSpot's Inbound Marketing Funnel Team. She was focused on inbound lead generation and nurturing. She specializes in lead generation, email marketing, sales and marketing alignment, and marketing analytics. Since leaving HubSpot, she's continued her passion and knowledge of marketing and "smarketing" and is currently the the VP of Marketing at Toast.