The Power of Smarketing

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87% of the terms sales and marketing teams use to describe each other are negative. Not only does that make for a negative work experience, it means you miss out on significant revenue growth. Learn how to align your marketing and sales departments by goal and by persona - get on the same team!

This class fits into the "Close" stage of Inbound Methodology - by aligning our marketing and sales teams, we can create a much more robust and fluid close process.

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paid search trainingThe Power of Smarketing

What You Will Learn

describe the imageWhat is smarketing and why is it critical

    • Two halves of the same team
    • Alignment = more revenue

describe the imageSmarketing = Alignment

    • Alignment around goal
    • Alignment around personas

describe the image5 steps to integrate smarketing

    • Speak the same language
    • Set up closed-loop reporting
    • Implement a service level agreement
    • Maintain Open Communication
    • Rely on Data

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Meet Your Professor

ellie profile newEllie Mirman (LinkedIn, Twitter) leads the marketing for HubSpot's mid-sized business segment. She specializes in lead generation, email marketing, product marketing, and marketing analytics. Ellie is a former President of ToastSpot and is also the program coordinator for Founder Mentors, a Boston-based organization that matches new entrepreneurs with experienced founder mentors.