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If you're running a time-sensitive campaign, or want to run a keyword experiment, here are the top step-by-step tutorials that will show you how to use the HubSpot features that will optimize your paid search campaigns:

  1. Create an offer for each of your AdWords campaigns
  2. Create a thank you page for your new paid search leads
  3. Create a landing page for each of your AdWords campaigns
  4. Create Tracking URLs for each ad group in your AdWords campaign

Download HubSpot's paid search guides

These are the guides and worksheets created by HubSpot's Inbound Marketing Consultants, and sent to their customers to help them with their AdWords campaigns. Now you have access to all of them in one place!

1.  How to Track AdWords using HubSpot

2.  AdWords Account Structure Guide

3.  Understanding Keywords and Match Types in AdWords

4.  AdWords Report Card

Watch training webinars on paid search

Now that you've learned how to use the tools, it's time to learn how paid search can be part of your inbound marketing strategy. You can go in order and watch everything, or browse through and find the topics most interesting to you.

Paid Search (PPC)

5 Webinars | May 2013 & Feb 2012

Learn how to set up paid search campaigns using Google Adwords, and how to build landing pages in HubSpot for each campaign.

Learn advanced paid search strategies

Now you're ready to learn more advanced paid search strategies. The next section includes the top articles for each strategy, so you don't need to spend your time digging around our site to find them! Choose a topic and get started.

Setting up Adwords

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