Upcoming Inbound Learning Broadcasts

When: Every other Tuesday from 2:00 to 3:00 pm ET

The next Inbound Learning Broadcast is happening on October 13 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm ET

How HubSpot’s New Add-ons Can Create New Marketing Success

This year at INBOUND 2015, we launched three new products to help you successfully support the growth of your business. These products can help you streamline marketing channels, dig into analytics and help you create the best web experience possible for your visitors. As you begin the process of re-evaluating your marketing strategy for the coming year, understanding how these new tools can supplement your day-to-day marketing tactics.

In this broadcast, we will showcase the new Ads, Reporting and Website Add-ons with questions and use cases straight from customers and prospects who are using and trying these new tools. You’ll hear from the creators and marketers of these tools and get a hands-on, inside look into what these new products can do for you.

This broadcast will feature Lars Österberg, Product Manager For Ads, Rachel Sprung, Product Marketing Manager for Reporting, Jeffrey Vocell, Product Marketing Manager for Website, and Mark Kilens, the leader of HubSpot Academy.

You'll Learn About

  • Commonly-asked questions about the add-ons
  • Use cases and features of the new products
  • The HubSpot resources available to you to explore these new products

Who should attend

You should attend if you’re interested in learning more or currently in a trial of HubSpot’s Ads, Reporting or Website Add-on.

Your Hosts

Lars Österberg, Rachel Sprung, Jeffrey Vocell, Mark Kilens