Upcoming Academy Broadcasts

Yearly SEO Review & Tactics for Winning Google's Attention

When:  December 4 & 11 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm ET 

Education Level: Inbound Learning broadcasts are designed for people who have a strong grasp of the fundamentals and are looking to become experts in a specific inbound topic and the HubSpot software.

What:  Search engine algorithms now incorporate more than 200 signals when ranking your site. So it’s more important than ever for you to stay current with what’s changed in search engine rankings. During the broadcasts, you’ll learn how to use HubSpot to measure the impact of search engine algorithm changes, where search engine algorithms are heading next, and how you can stay ahead of the game to improve your organic visibility.

You'll Learn How To

  1. Measure exactly how recent algorithm changes might impact your site
  2. Take corrective action if you’ve been adversely affected by search engine algorithm changes
  3. Ensure that your site doesn’t contain any hidden roadblocks that could prevent search engines from crawling or ranking your site
  4. Learn from SEO case studies: Winners and losers from 2014, and what you can learn from their victories or downfalls
  5. Identify your real SEO competition
  6. Brainstorm ideas for niche content creation
  7. Conduct keyword research to improve on-page opt

Who should attend?

Any HubSpot customer who is looking to get up to speed on the latest SEO changes from the last 12 months, and understand what search engines value to improve your organic traffic and rankings. 

Your hosts

Paul Schmidt & Mark Kilens


December 4:  State of SEO 2014

December 11:  SEO Success Tactics: How to Carve Out Your Niche