Upcoming Academy Broadcasts

Start the Year Off Right With Campaigns

When: January 13 & 20 from 2:00 - 3:00 pm ET 

Education Level: Inbound Learning broadcasts are designed for people who have a strong grasp of the fundamentals and are looking to become experts in a specific inbound topic and the HubSpot software.

What:  Join us for a special two-part Inbound Learning Broadcast. A new year brings new goals for yourself and your business. And while HubSpot Academy probably won’t be able to help with those extra five pounds, we can sure as heck help you improve your marketing results when you learn how to properly use and measure campaigns. 

Join us for a special two-part Inbound Learning Broadcast and learn how to execute more than six different types of campaigns using HubSpot. Have a big tradeshow coming up in 2015? We’ll teach you how to get the most ROI from it. Want to start an email newsletter or revamp the newsletter you currently send? We’ll teach you how. Ready to run your own first webinar using HubSpot? We’ll teach you what you need to do before, during and after you launch. 

You'll Learn How To

On January 13th you’ll learn how to run a great:
  1. Content campaign
  2. Webinar campaign
  3. Tradeshow campaign
On January 20th you’ll learn how to run a great:
  1. Email campaign
  2. Lead scoring campaign
  3. Lifecycle stage campaign

Who should attend?

Any HubSpot customer who is looking to achieve more in 2015. 

Your hosts

Lindsay Thibeault, Isaac Moche & Mark Kilens