Upcoming Inbound Learning Broadcasts

When: Every other Tuesday from 2:00 to 3:00 pm ET

The next Inbound Learning Broadcast is happening on November 1, 2016.


Creating emails for Humans

Humans in the modern digital age are awash in a deluge of competing technologies, offers, priorities and flashing devices. No one person can possibly engage with all of the marketing messages that are being thrown at them on a daily basis. With the average office working receiving somewhere between 50 and 100 emails per day, email is no different. 

In this broadcast we will explore techniques to create friendly and friction free email marketing experiences that bring a sense of calm and purpose to your audience. We'll talk about how to be a safe space in the inbox, we'll talk about email design that is comfortable to engage with and we'll briefly touch on WHO you send your email too and how to make sure it's the right message at the right time. You will leave this Broadcast with a stronger foundation in behavioral marketing and some tips and tricks you can impliment immediately in your next email. 


  • Why your understanding and utilizing human psychology and patterns is crucial for modern email
  • How to improve your email results by focusing on human behavior
  • Examples of what email written and designed for humans looks like

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: HubSpot customers responsible for planning, segmenting and emailing contacts throughout the entire lifecycle

PRESENTERS: Joel Traugott & Chris LoDolce