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Step 1: Set Your Goals

Before you dive in, it’s important to set goals. Setting good goals will help you determine what your next steps are, which tools to use, and how to know when you've succeeded. Unlike our other training content, this class is offered live, so that you can set goals along with other HubSpot customers.
Goal Planning & Strategy
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Step 2: Learn the Fundamentals of Inbound

When learning inbound, as with learning anything, it’s important to start with the fundamentals. The following three classes will teach you the necessary basics for developing a customer-centric inbound strategy. This, combined with the Goal Setting and Planning class, above, will set you on the right path to successful inbound marketing and sales.
1. Buyer Personas
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2. Content Creation
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3. Campaigns
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Step 3: Attract Visitors to Your Website

With your Buyer Personas and content strategy in mind, it’s time to create content that will help you find new visitors. The following classes will start getting people on your website, starting that Inbound engine.
1. Keywords
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2. Blogging
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3. Social Media
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Step 4: Convert your Visitors into Leads

Visitors are great, but in order to start hitting those revenue goals, you’ll need to find the ones who are most likely to buy from you. This process is referred to as the ‘Convert’ stage, and is a key part of any Inbound strategy. In these classes you’ll create assets aimed at generating leads.
1. Calls-to-Action
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2. Landing Pages
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3. Forms
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4. Thank You Pages
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5. Lead Flows
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Step 5: Close Your Leads into Customers

Now that you have a list of leads, it’s time to start selling. Whether you’re directly involved in the sales process or not, these tools will help you nurture leads and determine the right leads for your sales process.
1. Contacts
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2. Lists
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3. Email
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4. Workflows
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...Now What?

Keep on learning! The following classes will teach you about other HubSpot tools that can fit in multiple methodology stages, and help you reach your business goals.
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Page Performance
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Reporting Add-on
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Social Ads
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