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What is remarkable content?

remarkable content thought experiment mad scientistWhy are we always talking about “remarkable content”? It attracts search engine traffic, links, and ultimately prospective customers to your site. Think about it: do you read or share boring content with your friends and coworkers? Absolutely not!

We challenge you to create content that people enjoy reading, learning from, linking to, and sharing with friends. Content that’s “remarkable” - worthy or remark. It can come in many forms - blog articles, videos, pictures, or presentations - but there are certain important elements to remarkable content that are always consistent.

Provides expert insight

Remarkable content offers specialized insight from experts in the field. And that's you; you’re the expert here. Your experience in your industry has more value than you may realize, and by writing educational content that demonstrates this expertise, you gain credibility, trust, and customers.

Put your insider knowledge to work and create content that will inform, educate, and cause your prospective customers to remark, “wow, I learned something today”.

Is original

Originality is key component to successful content online. The Internet is awash in blog articles, videos and content readily available to your potential readers. Your content must stand out and be memorable in order for people to remember it.

Plus, it is important to know that search engines do not drive traffic to duplicated content, that is, content that already existed online.  Do yourself a favor and create unique content that searchers and search engines love.

excitedContains passionate personality

Content will never be remarkable if it lacks personality. Let your passion and love for what you do shine through in your content creation. When you showcase your personality rather than stifling it, your writing or speaking voice will be much more natural and your content will be more sincere and approachable, lending itself even closer to the realm of remarkable.

Don’t think you’re a good enough writer to showcase your personality? We think you’re pretty awesome and you’re probably wrong about that. But if you insist on beating yourself up about your writing, try video and audio clips for an easier way to punch your personality through that webpage.

Takes chances

To create remarkable content, you must take chances and put yourself out on a limb. This often means taking a stance on a topic and sticking to it, so writing controversial content is a great way to stand out. You must be passionately stubborn about something in your industry - write about that! It should help show your personality, too.

As an example, take Brian Halligan’s (Founder & CEO of HubSpot) blog post titled "Why traditional marketing is dead". To many who read the post, it seemed misguided. In his post Brian thoughtfully, concretely, and passionately explains his position on the death of traditional marketing. The post received a favorable response from non-traditional marketers, was shared broadly, and is one of’s most powerful online assets to this day.

Motivates action from your readers

Your content should combine elements mentioned above and inspire your site visitors to do something - even if it is sharing your article. Whether it teaches readers how to solve their problem, encourages them to make changes to their business or life, or moves them enough to share - remarkable content is strong enough to move people to action.

Often, the action your remarkable content motivates is a click on a call to action button at the end of a post. Harness those engaged and motivated readers, offer them something of value, and watch the leads roll in!

Formatted for easy digestion

Bite Size CupcakeFormatting is an important element of content creation - no doubt about it. If your content isn’t organized and easy to digest, why should anyone read your blog as opposed to another? You’ll never win your visitors trust, and ultimately business, if your content is not simple to read and understand.

Make sure that your content is easy to digest by taking advantage of subheads, bullets, numbers, bolding, images and white space. Remember, your piece of content could be unbelievably well written and informative, but if the formatting is unappetizing, no one will stop to read how great your piece is.

Don't let your otherwise remarkable content fall to the wayside by forcing people to swallow it in overly large chunks.