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Introduction to Blogging

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Videos in this class

Introductory Training
Why does blogging help your inbound marketing?
How do you create a successful blog?
Tool Walk-through Videos
Creating a new blog post in HubSpot
Publishing your post in HubSpot
Analyzing your blog posts in HubSpot

Class Description

Companies that blog get 55% more website visitors than those who do not. And when you get more website visitors, you get more opportunities to convert them into leads. More leads means more chances to convert them into customers. And blogging is where it all starts. This class will teach you how you can create remarkable blog content that will work as a magnet to attract visitors through search engines, inbound links, and social media shares. We'll cover strategies for fitting blogging into your busy schedule, and discuss the many different forms blogging can take.

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Justin Champion (Twitter, LinkedIn) is a digital marketing professional who’s dedicated to customer success at HubSpot. Justin has 6+ years experience in the field of digital media. He brings his experience and curiosity to help solve customer content marketing needs both online and offline.