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Introduction to Campaigns

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Introductory Training
Benefits of using the Campaigns tool
How to create an inbound campaign
Tool Walk-through Videos
Creating a campaign in HubSpot
Analyzing your campaign in HubSpot

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To achieve our marketing goals, we need to create different kinds of content and align them all around the same message. Campaigns can organize all of our separate pieces of inbound marketing content and tie them back to your common goal. This class will teach you how to create an inbound campaign that will help you reach your SMART goals. We'll discuss how to best organize your campaigns and how to analyze a campaign with HubSpot.

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Lindsay Thibeault
Lindsay Thibeault (LinkedInTwitter) is a Senior Inbound Professor for HubSpot Academy. She has a background in traditional marketing and attended the University of New Hampshire. Previous to joining HubSpot, Lindsay has worked in both an agency setting and an internal marketing department and helped build out and execute brand strategy and community engagement using digital marketing. She teaches classes to HubSpot customers on content creation, website optimization, blogging, analytics/reporting, and much more.