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What are people saying?

  • Elise Karlsen Bye - Headshot
    Next to the fact that what you learn at HubSpot Academy is a necessity when working with inbound marketing, my favorite thing about the Academy courses is how user friendly the whole experience is. You can fast forward, slow down, take a short quiz or download more resources when needed. You don't just take a certification – you really learn something.

    Elise Karlsen Bye

    Senior Inbound Marketing Strategist

    Inbound Norway AS

  • Ken Mafli - Headshot
    HubSpot Academy tackles all the best practices for online, email, and social media marketers and puts it in an easy to digest format. They also back their points with real-world facts; it let's me know they road-test their ideas before presenting them to me.

    Ken Mafli

    Demand Generation Manager

    Townsend Security

  • Jeff Letson - Headshot
    Well-designed video courses with tons of supporting content provide important foundations that you will get immediate leverage from. And, the courses are just the beginning. The more you engage with HubSpot Academy, the more remarkable resources you'll be exposed to including Master Class deep dives on cutting-edge topics.

    Jeff Letson

    Vice President of Marketing


  • Erin Carpenter - Headshot
    The HubSpot Academy is continuing rolling out new certifications and training designed to keep students on the cutting edge of everything inbound. The courses are fairly comprehensive, easy-to-understand, and the training is available for free!

    Erin Carpenter


    Hidden Peak Interactive

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