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Introduction to Contacts

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Videos in this class

Introductory Training
Why use Contacts
How to use Contacts
Tool Walk-through Videos
Adding contacts to HubSpot
Creating contact and company properties in HubSpot
Interpreting the contact profile in HubSpot

Class Description

The Contacts training class will teach you why your contact database is the most powerful tool in your Inbound toolbox. You’ll leave with a clear vision of how it fits into your strategy, as well as how the Contacts tool works in HubSpot.

Your contact database is your company's most important Inbound asset. It allows you to see the whole picture of every contact and organizes every touchpoint a contact has had with your company in one place. It will also help align Marketing and Sales by letting marketers easily segment, score and communicate with leads and allow your sales team to see and interpret how a contact has interacted with your brand. And lastly, HubSpot can seamlessly integrate your contact database with other tools you use. 

This Topic Is taught by

Isaac Moche
Isaac Moche (LinkedInTwitter) joined HubSpot in 2013 as a member of their support team, and is currently the HubSpot Academy email marketing and lead nurturing professor. He graduated from University of Vermont with a background in Political Philosophy. In his free time he enjoys seeing live music performances, traveling, hiking and cheering on his favorite Boston sports teams.