Measuring Brand Engagement & Emotional Connection

Learn a helpful framework to quantify, measure, and grow engagement with your leads and customers in this free self-paced course.

Course Curriculum

Taught by:

Amanda Slavin
Founder & CEO of CatalystCreativ
With a Masters of Curriculum and Instruction from NEAG School of Education at UCONN along with a rich history in the nightlife and entertainment industries, Amanda now fuses her diverse expertise to help brands achieve deep and meaningful engagement with customers which goes far beyond superficial “likes” and shares on social media. With clients as diverse as Coca Cola, The Raiders, Google, The Nature Conservancy and the New York City Ballet, Amanda is passionate about using her marketing prowess to help brands do good for the world without sacrificing their bottom line. Amanda has adapted a proprietary method for quantifying and scaling engagement for internal and external customers, known as the Seventh Level Engagement Framework, which she has utilized in building expertise around marketing to Millennials, Gen Z and what she has coined as the "Millennial Minded" demographic. CatalystCreativ is funded by Zappos CEO and venture capitalist Tony Hsieh as part of the Downtown Project.

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