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Email Marketing and Your Business

This lesson will give you an overview of an adaptive, inbound approach to sending emails that provide value and drive growth for your busine...

Marketing Intermediate
Sending The Right Message with Lifecycle Marketing

This lesson will introduce you to the critical importance of segmentation for your email marketing success.

Marketing Intermediate
Contact Management and Segmentation

Learn how segmentation can help you create a better experience for your recipients, and drive better results for your email program.

Marketing Intermediate
The Components of a High Performing Email

Wouldn't you like for every email to be a high-performing one? In this lesson, you will learn how to create emails that are so effective, in...

Marketing Intermediate
Email Design and Functionality

This lesson will arm you with both an understanding and a practical framework for using design to improve the messaging and performance of y...

Marketing Intermediate
Essentials of Email Deliverability

In order to see the benefit of Email Marketing, your emails need to make it into the recipient's inbox. In this lesson, you'll learn how to ...

Marketing Intermediate
Developing Relationships with Lead Nurturing

This lesson will help you integrate lead nurturing into your business and guide you through building a great lead nurturing workflow.

Marketing Intermediate
Measuring Success with Email Analytics

Long-term, sustainable success with email marketing requires a deep understanding of what works, and what doesn't. This lesson will teach yo...

Marketing Intermediate
Email Optimization and Testing

Did you know that 83% of email marketers do little to no optimization? There's tremendous value in taking some time to improve your email pr...

Marketing Intermediate
  • 2.4 million emails are sent every second worldwide, but most of them are never opened. This advanced email marketing training course will teach you how lifecycle marketing, segmentation, email design, deliverability, analytics and optimization come together to create an email marketing strategy that grows your business, and your career.

    Isaac Moche

    Inbound Professor

    HubSpot Academy

  • 9

    Classes covering nurturing, design, optimization, deliverability, and more.

  • 60

    Question exam. Get 45 questions correct to prove your mastery of email marketing.

  • 137k

    Certified marketers that are transforming the way the world does business.

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