Facebook Ads Training: How to Build Great Ads & Audiences

This introductory Facebook advertising training will teach you how to target Facebook audiences, measure your return on investment, and optimize your Facebook advertisements.

Course Curriculum

Featured Experts:

  • Amanda Bond Headshot
    Amanda Bond
    Founder of The Ad Strategist
  • Dennis Yu Headshot
    Dennis Yu
    Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, BlitzMetrics
  • Mari Smith Headshot
    Mari Smith
    Facebook Marketing Expert & Social Media Influencer
  • Andrea Vahl Headshot
    Andrea Vahl
    Social Media Coach, Strategist, and Speaker

The benefits of learning Facebook advertising with HubSpot Academy:

Grow your career.

Invest in yourself and your career by staying up-to-date on the latest Facebook advertising best practices and research.

Develop a Facebook advertising strategy that delivers a quantifiable return on investment.

Join a community.

Get help on your latest Facebook advertising initiative by asking the inbound community.

Consider this community an extension of your marketing and sales team - we're here to lend a helping hand!

Grow your business.

These lessons will teach you how to build a Facebook marketing strategy for your business, how to get started with Facebook Ads, how to attract new customers on Facebook, and more!