Free Sales Manager Training:
Strategies for Developing a Successful Modern Sales Team

Learn how to define your target market, create a scalable sales process, and build training, coaching, hiring, and onboarding programs to help your sales team grow.

Course Curriculum

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Featured Experts:

  • Kyle Jepson HubSpot Academy
    Kyle Jepson
    HubSpot Academy Sales Professor
  • Clay Christensen
    Clay Christensen
    Disruptive Innovation Expert
  • Mark Roberge
    Mark Roberge
    Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School
  • Claire Menke
    Claire Menke
    Research Manager, News Feed, Facebook
  • Sean McGrail
    Sean McGrail
    Co-Founder, Paint Nite
  • Scott Preszler
    Scott Preszler
    CEO, US-Analytics
  • Steve Bookbinder
    Steve Bookbinder
    CEO & Lead Trainer, DM Training
  • Walter Pollard
    Walter Pollard
    Founder, Sales Enablement Society
  • David M. Casey
    David M. Casey
    Principal, Calvus Consulting
  • Doug Davidoff
    Doug Davidoff
    CEO, Imagine Business Development
  • Hilmon Sorey
    Hilmon Sorey
    Managing Director, CloseLoop
  • Jim Ninivaggi
    Jim Ninivaggi
    Chief Readiness Officer, Brainshark Inc.
  • Ben Cotton
    Ben Cotton
    Sales Enablement Leader, HubSpot
  • Bertrand Hazard
    Bertrand Hazard
    Marketing & Sales Leader, TrustRadius
  • Cory Bray
    Cory Bray
    Managing Director, ClozeLoop
  • Dailius Wilson
    Dailius Wilson
    VP of Sales & Growth, GetAccept
  • Bob Britton
    Bob Britton
    Global Sales Enablement Sherpa
  • Mathias Thulin
    Mathias Thulin
    Co-Founder, GetAccept
  • Mike Kunkle
    Mike Kunkle
    Sales Training & Sales Enablement Expert
  • Mike Venman
    Mike Venman
    Sales Operations Leader, Hearth

The benefits of learning sales management with HubSpot Academy:

Grow your career.

Invest in yourself and your career by staying up-to-date on the latest sales management best practices and research.

Develop a sales management strategy that delivers quantifiable business results.

Join a community.

Get help on your sales management program by asking the inbound community.

Consider this community an extension of your team - we're here to lend a helping hand!

Grow your business.

These lessons will teach you how to be sales leader for your business, how to map out your sales process, coach your sales team, and recruit and hire the best sales reps in the business.

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