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How to Optimize Your Website Performance to Grow Traffic and Leads

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Why lose another sale from your website’s performance?

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Your website's performance could be costing you lost sales.

Visitors are more impatient than ever.

40% of people will leave your page if it takes longer than three seconds to load (Think with Google).
85% of people won’t browse your site if it’s not secure (HubSpot Research).
50% of global internet activity is done on mobile (StatCounter). 

This means that for every second that your website takes to load, people abandon your site. If your website’s mobile experience isn’t intuitive, users won’t want to explore it. And if your website has security issues, good luck getting your visitors to trust your checkout process.

You may have already taken the first step to find your website performance issues by scanning your site on Website Grader.

But, then the questions become: 

How can beginners learn about website issues and technical terms?
How do you increase your website’s performance?

If you’ve been struggling to increase traffic to your website, have you considered your Website’s performance as the source of the issue? Let’s dive in deep and understand how to optimize your website’s performance.

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I've used variations of these kinds of tools before and their results left me feeling unfulfilled. This was different, though. Took me through the steps clearly and gave actionable results that I suspected my site was suffering from but never quantified before.

Ali Tariq

Product Designer, speaking on Website Grader


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