HubSpot Educators, Bring Customers Into Your Classroom

Students want to graduate ready to work, but don't always have the opportunity to apply what they learn. Let HubSpot's Education Partner Program help you immerse your students in real business projects that will equip them with skills needed for success.

How it works


Give Students a Challenge

Solving business challenges allows students to gain insight into their career growth. We allow you to bring businesses into the fold of your classroom with the structure your students need to succeed.



Engage Across the Globe

Reach and engage with businesses in new fields and across borders. Students are typically the first to find trends and new technologies, and companies are hungry for their perspective. 


Enhance Employability

Working with students in real-time lets business see their skills in action.

These businesses can recruit from your classroom, straight into their office.


Students Skill-Up

Connect emerging talent with businesses and help close the skills gap between higher education and industry. 

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    How do you start?

    Reach out to so that we can discuss whether you'd be a good match for this program. Afterwards, we will send you an invite to your portal, which will allow you to create a course page for free. This course will outline what you'd like your students to work on during the academic term.

    We'll then work on matching you with someone in HubSpot's client or Solutions Partner base. 

    You can use Riipen's project management software to establish project milestones, communicate with the business, establish expectations, and have student submit deliverables to the business. 

    Give feedback, watch your students grow, and post another course to engage again with the businesses in your classroom. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Visit our FAQs for HubSpot Educators here.

  • Andrew _ Krupp
    Client-based learning has been the most significant aspect of my professional development. It's not a simulation. I have developed my interpersonal skills and have learned how to serve my clients' needs.
  • Tim Marshall
    HubSpot continues to provide resources and tools to help us educate the next generation of inbound marketers. Riipen’s matching of students to businesses from across the country not only enhances the student experience but also that of the faculty.
  • Nick Piskura
    Getting feedback from a client makes you realize that the work we do is more than just an assignment, its someone's livelihood we're affecting. It helps to make what we learn real
  • Julia Petry_H
    Working with a client gives you the opportunity to apply what you have learned in a real way. That practical application helps to further develop your skills as a marketer beyond what can be learned in the classroom