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Finding a Mentor Just Got A Lot Easier!

HubSpot wants to make sure students have access to mentorship, industry know-how, and personalized guidance to land the job they deserve!

Submit Your Application by February 28th!

The HubSpot Student Mentorship Program is a 3-month program designed to provide students with a holistic career development experience.

  • I loved hearing from the speakers, I felt it was incredibly eye-opening to the fact that there are actually companies out there that put their employees ahead of money and take culture seriously.

    Fall 2021 Participant

  • [The program session] gave me some ideas of what people look for during interviews and helped me rethink my reluctance to reach out to acquaintances or strangers on LinkedIn.

    Fall 2021 Participant

  • I feel [my mentor and I] were matched very well as far as career, skills, and learning/teaching styles.

How Does Mentor Matching Work?


Build a Profile

Using the 100k Mentor Challenge app, students complete a profile sharing their professional interests. 

Learn More About Profiles

Get Matched

At the beginning of every season, ProMazo will match students with a mentor based on their profile. 

Learn More About Mentors

Start Connecting

Matches are connected via the app and provided resources to identify and tackle the mentee's goals 

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