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Entrepreneurship Syllabus

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Find resources, lesson plans, and more in the Education Partner Program's Entrepreneurship Syllabus

Teach your students about Entrepreneurship and growing a business

One of the keys to growing a small business is a strong CRM software to ensure customers stay customers and a strategy to continue growing your customer base, thus growing your company. Teach your students CRM best practices using HubSpot free software through the Education Partner Program and with our Entrepreneurship Syllabus


  • A small, growing business is nothing without a strong customer base and the tools and resources to not only grow their business and customer base, but their brand as well. 

    Teach students about the core principles of entrepreneurship and how to grow a small business from the ground up.

    This syllabus will cover Startup Marketing and PR, Content Marketing, Planning, and Creation, Lead Capture, Conversion Paths, Investment and Funding, and more!

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