Introduction to Events

Videos in this training

1. What are events? (3:11)

2. Best practices for using the Events tool (11:08)

3. Events tool walk-through (8:33)

Chris LoDolce
Live Lab Taught By
Chris LoDolce
Program Leader


We recommend taking the following steps to guide your learning:
  1. Watch the training videos.
  2. Set up at least 3 "Visited URL" events for your key website pages.
  3. Install the event bookmarklet by dragging it into your browser's bookmarks bar.
  4. Set up at least 3 "Clicked Element" events using the bookmarklet to track key user behavior.
  5. Set up at least 1 "Submitted Form" event to analyze where your conversions originate from.

Additional Resources

Below are the additional resources mentioned in the "Key Takeaways and Resources" section of this class. Check 'em out!