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Brite Kite Marketing is an inbound marketing agency based in Sydney, Australia. They specialize in highly targeted lead generation strategies for the B2B and B2-Professional Services providers. 

Best Practices

  1. Educational

  2. One topic per blog post

  3. Attention grabbing title with long tail keyword

  4. Keywords placed naturally in body, headings, alt text, meta description

  5. Proper formatting (whitespace, images, bolding, subheads, numbers, bullets)

  6. Compelling, relevant CTA 

  7. Social sharing options

Above & Beyond

  1. Engaging featured image

  2. Properly targeted to a buyer persona

  3. Content is engaging and clear

  4. 1-2 universally appealing CTAs in blog sidebar


The Naked Eye


Medical & Wellness


To attract and convert the ideal buyer at the top-of-the-funnel.

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