Getting Started with the Service Hub

This will be your 1-stop guide for getting ready for your kickoff call and Service Hub set up.

Before Your Kickoff Call

Here are a couple of things to get completed before our call so that we can be productive with our time.
Setup your domain

Setup Your Knowledge Base Domain

This will be the domain you use to host your knowledge base. Here's a knowledge article for more help.
Connect your email

Connect Personal Inbox

Connect your inbox to successfully track conversations. Here's a knowledge article for more help.
Add your tracking

Install your JS Snippet

For SALES HUB and new SERVICE HUB users only
Here's a knowledge article for more help.

Preparing for Your Call

People continue to evolve how they buy, and modern customers are more demanding than ever. That's why you need to engage your customers in the way they demand, guide them to good outcomes proactively, and grow together through deep relationships and advocacy. To grow better, you need to establish a scalable system to deliver exceptional customer experiences, delight the modern customer, and earn your promoters.

Check out the Service Hub Certification Course from HubSpot Academy

Create your list

Create a list of employees that will use the Service Hub

Come to the call with a list of employees you want to add as users in the Service Hub
Create shared inbox

Create or connect shared inbox

Set up the one place for your conversations, here's a knowledge article for more help.

Resources for Setting Up Your Service Hub