HubSpot Accredited Trainer (HAT) Program


Currently in CLOSED beta. ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS fROM HubSpot Partners LATER in 2017.

  • Turning visitors into leads.

We aim to educate and inspire people so that we, together, transform the way the world does business. 

Want to join us? 

The HubSpot Accredited Trainer (HAT) program enables you to run your own HubSpot Academy-supported workshops and webinars about inbound topics and HubSpot tools. With HubSpot behind your name, people can rest assured that your expertise, training and delivery meet the high quality standards set by HubSpot Academy.

What's in it for you?



Create scalable training services and deliver training that people find valuable.


Expand the reach of the inbound movement and transform the way the world does business.


Give your agency a new way to get found, develop a new source of revenue and generate new leads.


Gain access to training, resources, and support from HubSpot Academy and the HAT community.

How do you apply?

Admission into the HAT program begins with an application. There will be open-enrollment windows during the year and there will be a limit on the number of HATs accepted per class. NOTE: Applications for the program are not currently open. This program is still in closed beta and we will announce when applications are open to HubSpot Partners in 2016.

Who’s a good fit? 

We will be accepting applications from HubSpot Partners who:
  • Have achieved Silver-tiered status or higher, and have been with HubSpot for 6+ months
  • Show proof of competence in inbound and HubSpot
  • Have a history of speaking or training
  • Show an ability to explain concepts in an engaging and informative way
  • Have a passion and enthusiasm for inbound

BE NOTIFIED when we begin accepting applications from HubSpot Partners in 2017.  

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