Annapolis, MD

  • About Your HUG Leader

    Kathleen is the Vice President of Marketing at IMPACT, a Diamond level HubSpot partner that was named Agency Partner of the Year for 2017. Prior to joining IMPACT, she spent 11 years as the Owner of Quintain Marketing, a Platinum level HubSpot partner. Outside of her work at IMPACT, Kathleen serves on the boards of several Maryland startups and mentors emerging entrepreneurs.

  • About This HUG

    The Annapolis HubSpot User Group is a community of marketers and business owners who meet 4+ times a year to learn marketing strategies, master their use of HubSpot tools, and share tips and insights that will help them become more effective marketers. Whether you already use HubSpot or are simply looking to up your inbound marketing game, we would love for you to join us!