Antwerp, BE

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    Dominique Verniers

    Dominique Verniers

    HUG Leader Since: 2015

    HUG Co-Leader

    Jasper Wouters

  • About Your HUG Leader

    HUG leader since 2015. Conversion expert at Dallas Antwerp. Multiple Inbound & HubSpot certifications. Specialized in traffic generation through SEO.

  • About This HUG

    We try to make our HUGs actionable. If we can we make it interactive. Sometimes we work with guest speakers. We are always open to suggestions if you want to present an inbound case or something HubSpot related.

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    HubSpot Integrations
    Mar 15, 2018

    How to integrate your tools with HubSpot. What are your options? What can you do without development?

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