Bristol, UK.

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    Claire Dibben

    Claire Dibben

    HUG Leader Since: 2016

    HUG Co-Leader

    Josh Baldwin (HubSpot Certified Trainer)

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    Claire is Marketing and Events Manager at Noisy Little Monkey. They are the inbound marketing agency known for levering the platform to its maximum potential. Noisy Little Monkey are famous for technical SEO that is second-to-none and optimising customer journeys. Their HubSpot Partner status is Gold (always believe in your soul).

  • About This HUG

    The Bristol HubSpot User Group (HUG) is a free meet-up organised by Noisy Little Monkey, the Gold HubSpot Partner for Bristol. It's an event for HubSpot users and professional marketers who are interested in learning more about marketing automation. Once a quarter, you can join us to share ideas, ask questions and network with others in the South West marketing automation community. It would be great to see you at a future meet-up - they're completely free!

  • Next HUG Meet-Up

    Transforming Your Sales Strategy To Convert More Leads
    Mar 13, 2018

    In this talk, you'll learn the steps your sales team need to take in order to overhaul their strategy so that more of your marketing leads get closed into customers. The fact is: the old model of outbound sales is dead. Why? Because the internet has changed the way people buy; the power is no longer with the seller. But...what does this mean for your sales process? During Jon Payne's talk, you'll learn: - About the inbound selling philosophy and how to apply this to your business model - How to identify your buyers and understand what the 'buyer's journey' is - How your sales team can connect with prospects and ultimately close more leads - How to use automated sequences to reach out to buyers After the talk, you'll also receive a free guide which will help you identify who your customers are and how to market to them so that your sales and marketing teams become a supercharged lead-gen machine.

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