Calgary, CA

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    Randy is a Calgary Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year finalist, stage IV Cancer survivor, and syndicated author. In 2013, the Financial Post Magazine featured Randy nationally in their Entrepreneur / Innovator article, Keep running. He is an avid kayaker, hiker, and speaker with a keep interest in behavioural psychology,

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    Quarterly HUG events for marketers and entrepreneurs on topics relating to creating better business websites and growing your business.

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    Blogging for Lead Generation (1 of 2)
    Feb 21, 2018

    Your blog is the centrepiece of your content and lead generation strategy. But making the most of a blog involves more than dashing off the occasional article and posting it online. True content marketing success requires focus, consistency, and an eye towards what’s really important to your audience. This workshop will cover everything from the basics of writing a blog for a specific audience to more technical tips and tricks to follow.

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