Dallas North, TX

  • About Your HUG Leader

    I definitely check the box when it comes to PASSION surrounding HubSpot and Inbound. I tell my clients that I started my career in the "original" Inbound, Yellowpage Advertising. About 7 years ago, I made the switch to Digital Advertising which led me to a HubSpot Platinum agency in 2015 and I couldn't be a more enthusiastic evangelist! I have 10 certifications, with several others pending and very close to receiving my HubSpot Trainer Certification. Now, I'm expanding my horizons to Account-based Marketing and excited about how well it integrates with Inbound!

  • About This HUG

    The Dallas North HUG serves all HubSpot users in North Texas. We will be covering topics that will be of interest to all Hubspot users from those just starting their Inbound journey (pun intended) to experts in the field. We want to grow together and push the boundaries of what HubSpot can do!

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    Critique My Campaign or Workflow
    Jul 24, 2018

    Having trouble with a campaign or workflow? Feel like you could be getting a little more out of these features in HubSpot? Come to this working session with 5-10 slides on the campaign or workflow you'd like feedback on and get some inspiration from your HUG! Whether this is something you've had going for a while and just want it to provide more results or you're just not sure how to set it up, let your peers give you a hand. Agenda: 11:30 We'll start promptly with Campaign reviews 12:15 Break for light lunch and networking 12:45 Workflow reviews 1:30 Wrap up & connect with peers

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