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HubSpot User Groups (HUGs) are local meet-ups to help HubSpot users network, learn and grow. Find a HUG in your area using the directory below!

Grand Rapids

  • About Your HUG Leader

    Kevin Dean is ManoByte’s Founder and President. A graduate of Villanova University, Kevin has worked with some of the largest companies in the world as a seasoned digital marketing strategist. With over 15 years experience consulting with senior marketing executives, he takes great pride in being a consultant who knows and understands how to get real results from digital and inbound marketing. A graduate of Harvard’s Executive Leadership Program, Kevin is a visionary with strong business acumen and a passion for leveraging technology to help businesses generate consumer demand and increase revenues. In addition to running his company, Kevin is a regular instructor, guest speaker and panelist on the subject of social media at various conferences around the country. He has also been featured and quoted in trade journals and television reports on the trends and effects of social media on business. Kevin is the author of The Social Strategy Map, a framework for implementing consumer-driven business strategies. Kevin’s company, ManoByte, is based in Grand Rapids and focuses on inbound marketing, B2B lead generation, and social media marketing.

  • About This HUG

    The Grand Rapids HubSpot User Group is a group of online marketing enthusiasts who collaborate together on a quarterly basis to discuss the changes and best ways to leverage inbound marketing, HubSpot, and digital marketing strategies for growth. All are welcome!

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    The New Wave of SEO
    Apr 24, 2018

    Have you heard SEO is changing? The rumors are true, and if you don't learn how to adapt, you might see yourself falling from that high ranking on Google before you know it. Join us as we discuss what you need to do to adapt and stay ahead of your competition when it comes to SEO.

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