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    Hansen Hunt

    Hansen Hunt

    HUG Leader Since: 2012

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    Nicole Pereira

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    Hansen Hunt is the President and Co-Founder of SD Inbound, Inc. 501(C)(3), the leading inbound education event series in the world. He is currently the head of marketing for Portfolium, Inc., an education technology startup in San Diego. He has 13+ years of marketing experience across multiple verticals in both B2B and B2C organizations. He specializes in creating goal driven and lead generating marketing strategies for fast-growing small and medium-size enterprises.

  • About This HUG

    We are a group of Inbound Marketers pushing the world of marketing forward by building content that attracts users instead of interrupting their web experience. Our aim is to provide free and low-cost education to the local San Diego professional community. Types of events we run: Seminars - SD Inbound Marketing Seminars are the only format in San Diego delivering Inbound Marketing focused talks from leaders in the space. These occur every other month. Meetups - Hubspot User Group Meetups aim to educate attendees on how to use the platform, teach tactical best practices, and deliver product updates. These occur every other month Webinars - Led by inbound marketing experts on highly specific and advanced topics Conferences - Annual "HUG" workshop based event