Inbound Learning Broadcast: HubSpot Video

September 25, 2018 @ 2:00PM Eastern Time

People spend a staggering six hours a day watching video! Outside of breathing, there might not be any activity that unites us as people more than watching video.

To help Marketings, Salespeople, and Service teams better leverage video, and use it to connect with their audiences, HubSpot launched HubSpot Video. A series of new video features woven throughout the platform. All with the aim of elevating your video strategy.

To get you started with the new tools and level-up your video game Marcus Andrews from the HubSpot Product Marketing team will take you on a guided tour of what’s new. He’ll be joined by experts Taylor Biggin, from the Marketing team at Vidyard, Sarah Otterstetter of the HubSpot Premier Services team, and Adam Rataj, a Principal AE from the HubSpot sales team.

HubSpot Video is available across our Professional and Enterprise Suites for Marketing, Sales, and Services.

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