On May 1st, we will release our annual update of the Inbound Certification.

If you're currently going through the content, we recommend completing the exam before May 1st so that the content in your exam reflects what you've learned.

The Fundamentals of Blogging

Videos in this class

This class has five sections. Navigate to one by hovering over the "playlist" section of the video above, then clicking on the section you're interested in.

Welcome! (1:32)

1. Blogging and inbound marketing (3:58)

2. Steps to creating a remarkable blog (14:27)

3. What blogging in execution looks like (11:51)

4. Key takeaways and resources (1:56)

Additional Resources

Below are the additional resources mentioned in the "Key Takeaways and Resources" section of this class. Check 'em out!

What you will learn

  1. Website optimization's role in inbound marketing
    • How website visitors, leads, and customer opportunities are generated by blogging
    • Using your blog to build trust and authority
  2. Best practices for remarkable blog content
    • Why and how remarkable content is rewarded
    • blogging SEO best practices
    • Formatting best practices
    • How to generate leads with your blog
  3. What great blog content looks like and how to create it
    • Blog topic ideas
    • Re-publishing blog content
    • Ways to promote blog content
    • What to analyze: does it work?

Meet your professor

Lindsay Thibeault (LinkedInTwitter) is a Senior Inbound Professor for HubSpot Academy. She has a background in traditional marketing and attended the University of New Hampshire. Previously to joining HubSpot, Lindsay has worked in both an agency setting and an internal marketing department and helped build out and execute brand strategy and community engagement using digital marketing. She teaches classes to HubSpot customers on content creation, website optimization, blogging, analytics/reporting, and much more.