On May 1st, we will release our annual update of the Inbound Certification.

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How To Send The Right Email to the Right Person

Videos in this class

This class has five sections. Navigate to one by hovering over the "playlist" section of the video above, then clicking on the section you're interested in.

1. Welcome! (1:12)

2. Why email marketing is (still) important (6:32)

3. How to send the right email to the right person (14:03)

4. What makes an email world class (12:47)

5. Key takeaways and resources (1:54)

Additional Resources

Below are the additional resources mentioned in the "Key Takeaways and Resources" section of this class. Check 'em out!

What you will learn

  1. What is email marketing and why do you need it?
    • The benefits of using email marketing
    • The diverse applications of email in each stage of the Inbound Methodology
  2. How do you send the right email to the right person?
    • Determining the right audience
    • Segmenting your contacts database
    • Segmentation based on persona and stage in the Buyer's Journey
    • Lead nurturing
  3. What makes a world class email?
    • Combining content with context
    • Optimizing your emails for increased conversions
    • Analyzing the effectiveness of your emails

Meet your professor

Niti Shah (LinkedInTwitter) is head of the email marketing and lead nurturing at HubSpot. She is responsible for lead generation and nurturing leads from businesses of all sizes into customers. Her expertise is in email promotions, segmentation, marketing automation, and lead nurturing, which she often blogs about for HubSpot's Marketing Hub. In her spare time, Niti enjoys working on painting and drawing commissions, traveling as much as possible, and cheering on her favorite Boston sports teams.