On May 1st, we will release our annual update of the Inbound Certification.

If you're currently going through the content, we recommend completing the exam before May 1st so that the content in your exam reflects what you've learned.

The Anatomy of a Landing Page

Videos in this class

This class has five sections. Navigate to one by hovering over the "playlist" section of the video above, then clicking on the section you're interested in.

Welcome! (1:06)

1. Landing pages and inbound marketing (11:18)

2. How to build landing pages that convert visitors to leads (8:50)

3. What great landing pages look like and how to analyze them (9:20)

4. Key takeaways and resources (1:46)

Additional Resources

Below are the additional resources mentioned in the "Key Takeaways and Resources" section of this class. Check 'em out!

What you will learn

  1. What are landing pages and why do you need them on your website?
    • Why and how landing pages are designed to convert visitors into leads
    • Landing pages as digital sales reps
    • Why all leads are not created equal
  2. Examples of high-quality landing pages
    • What great landing pages look like
    • How to analyze landing pages
  3. Making landing pages that work for you
    • Creating the right offer
    • Understanding the buyer's journey in relation to your offer
    • Relating buyer personas to your offer and landing page copy
    • Best practices to use as guidelines when creating landing pages

Meet your professor

Chris LoDolce (LinkedInTwitterjoined HubSpot as an Inbound Marketing Consultant. He then transitioned to the Enterprise consulting team, where he worked with customers on an ongoing basis, developing complex integrated inbound marketing campaigns and strategies. Chris now part of the HubSpot Academy Team, specializes in the conversion process (CTA's Landing Pages & TYP's), Workflows (Lead Nurturing) and is the leader for intermediate training.