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Inbound Marketing Syllabus


Find resources, lesson plans, and more in the Education Partner Program's Inbound Marketing  Syllabus

Teach your students about the Inbound Marketing methodology

A core part of HubSpot's philosophy is the Inbound Methodology. Inbound puts the customer first and focuses on attracting new customers, bringing them to you, as opposed to traditional outbound strategies that focus on continuously approaching customers. 

We have seen thousands of customers successfully implement an Inbound strategy to grow and scale their company and brand. Keep your students up to date on modern marketing trends with our Inbound Marketing syllabus.

  • This syllabus is designed to help students learn inbound marketing as a strategy for starting, running and growing a business. 

    In addition to understanding the Inbound Methodology and how it helps businesses attract, engage and delight customers, students will learn how to create an effective inbound marketing strategy through concepts like buyer personas, content marketing, SEO, content marketing, etc.

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