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Search Engine Optimization and Keywords

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Videos in this class

Introductory Training
What is Search Engine Optimization?
SEO strategy and best practices
Tool Walk-through Videos
Adding keywords in HubSpot
Choosing a keyword
Finding keyword opportunities in HubSpot

Class Description

This training will cover the basics necessary to help you optimize your website for search engines. You’ll learn how to pick the right keywords for your site, ensure that search engines understand the content on your pages, and start earning links from outside sources.  We'll finish up by giving you a thorough guided tour of the powerful HubSpot Keywords tool, where you'll manage your keywords. 

This Topic Is taught by

Justin Champion (Twitter, LinkedIn) is a digital marketing professional who’s dedicated to customer success at HubSpot. Justin has 6+ years experience in the field of digital media. He brings his experience and curiosity to help solve customer content marketing needs both online and offline.