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Introduction to Landing Pages

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Videos in this class

Introductory Training
How do you use a landing page?
How do you create successful landing pages?
Tool Walk-through Videos
Creating a landing page in HubSpot
Analyzing a landing page in HubSpot

Class Description

Landing pages do the heavy lifting of convincing your visitors to fill out a form and become leads, which isn't always an easily completed feat. Learn how you can create landing pages that work like a dream to capture the maximum number of qualified leads possible. 

This topic is taught by

Angela Hicks
Angela Hicks (LinkedInTwitteris a Senior Inbound Professor at the HubSpot Academy. Angela holds a BFA in graphic design and an MA in advertising and public relations. She has taught design courses in numerous settings, including the University of Alabama, and at Apple Inc.’s flagship store, where she worked in the Creative division for four years. Following a year of working with HubSpot customers and partners as a Support Engineer Team Lead, Angela now uses her design knowledge to teach best-practice conversion rate optimization, user experience and marketing automation, and manages the HubSpot COS Design Certification.