Sales Enablement Training:

Aligning Your Business Around Content Creation

Aligning Your Business Around Content Creation

Sales Enablement Training:

Sales enablement content starts with marketing and sales and becomes even more valuable when other teams are involved. In this lesson, you'll learn how to get your whole company involved in the content creation process.


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Lesson Description:

Here's a question for you. In your organization, who creates more content: the marketing or sales team? Chances are, you guessed the marketing team. And chances are, you might be wrong. In fact, a study was done on this. Of the people surveyed, 80% guessed that marketing created more content than sales. But when their content was actually checked, 40% of it was found to be created by sales compared to only 30% created by marketing — and 30% was made by people outside of marketing and sales! Now that, in itself, is not a bad thing. Content should be a company-wide initiative. But when the researchers zoomed in on content created by marketing teams, they found that only nine percent was viewed more than five times by the sales team. Nine percent! That means more than 90% of the content marketing produces never gets used. In contrast, 57% of the content sales teams produced themselves was viewed more than five times by sales reps.

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Kyle Jepson,
Inbound Sales Professor
HubSpot Academy

Kyle teaches sales and CRM courses at HubSpot Academy. He is best known for his work on the HubSpot Sales Software Certification and the Sales Enablement Certification. He is the father of two children, the lucky husband of an equally lucky woman, and aspires to be the author of one of those paperback novels you see in grocery store check-out lines.

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