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Introduction to Lists

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Videos in this class

Introductory Training
Why use lists?
How to use lists
Tool Walk-through Videos
Creating a list in HubSpot
Understanding list logic in HubSpot
Analyzing your list in Hubspot

Class Description

This class will help you understand all of the different ways that Lists empower marketers to create contextual, relationship-driven marketing that creates results. You’ll leave with a clearer vision of your segmentation strategy, a strong understanding of list logic, and knowledge of the metrics related to successful list performance.

Inbound marketing is all about this marriage of context and content. When you divide your contacts into smaller groups based on similarities, it lets you use context to make your content more relevant and engaging.

Lists, and the contact database that powers your list-building, is what gives context to the content people consume and the experience they have with your brand.

This Topic Is taught by

Isaac Moche
Isaac Moche (LinkedInTwitter) joined HubSpot in 2013 as a member of their support team, and is currently the HubSpot Academy email marketing and lead nurturing professor. He graduated from University of Vermont with a background in Political Philosophy. In his free time he enjoys seeing live music performances, traveling, hiking and cheering on his favorite Boston sports teams.