Submit your HubSpot Marketing Software Certification practicum

 Congratulations on passing the HubSpot Marketing Software Certification exam -- and welcome to the final stage of becoming certified, submitting your practicum. You're almost ready to say you're officially HubSpot certified! 

*The elements you choose don't have to be solely your work, but rather the work of your team using the same HubSpot instance/portal. Using HubSpot is a team sport, so the HubSpot Marketing Software Certification practicum is portal-based, not user-based. That means you and fellow users of your HubSpot portal can submit the same practicum items below.

Tips to getting your practicum approved:

  • In order to earn your certification, your HubSpot portal must demonstrate 10 of the following 15 inbound achievements listed below.
  • One of the criteria you choose must be either Blog or Landing Pages requirements. You may submit both of the blog and landing pages criteria, if you choose to do so.
  • After you submit your practicum for review, you should anticipate receiving a grade within five business days. Practicums that do not meet requirements will need to be re-submitted and will then go to the end of the grading queue.
  • This certification is tied to individuals, and so each person must submit their own completed practicum in order to become certified. This does not mean that the individual submitting the practicum needs to have created all of the content and elements themselves. 
  • HubSpot Partners: You can submit your work in a client's portal, but all criteria must be met in only one portal.

What are the criteria necessary for passing the certification?

Step 1: Submit at least one of the following two items for review

  1. Blog: Publish or have scheduled to publish at least 10 blog posts to be live within a 45-day period. You must specify in the comments section the time period in which posts were published. If you do not specify the time period, your blog will not be graded.
    (If your blog is not hosted on HubSpot, you MUST include a link to your blog)
  2. Landing Pages: Create at least 3 landing pages that are live on your website. One of your landing pages must have at least 100 views and a 20% conversion rate.

Step 2: Submit at least nine of the following thirteen items for review

(If you are submitting Landing Pages AND a Blog as a part of your practicum, you will only need to submit eight of the elements listed below.)
  1. Goals: Input a custom monthly goal in your HubSpot dashboard. 
  2. Personas: Specify how many personas your business has and include a link to one of those complete persona profiles in the Persona tool. That profile must have all fields filled out and at least 5+ sentences in the "Story" section.
  3. Content: Include links to 3 content offers (NOT including blog posts or website pages). You must include links to these live content offers or the landing page in which they live.
  4. Keywords: Add at least 300 keywords to the Keywords tool.
  5. Social Publishing: Using the HubSpot Social Publishing tool, post at least 15 social media updates within a 7-day period, or have them scheduled to post in HubSpot's Social Publishing tool. Only posts published or scheduled via the HubSpot tool will be assessed.
  6. Social Monitoring: Create at least 3 separate custom streams. One must be based off of a keyword (or keywords) relevant to your business and one must be based off of a contact list.
  7. Calls-To-Action: Create at least 3 calls-to-action that are live on your website. At least one of your CTAs must have a 2% or higher click-through rate for the last 120-days.
  8. Forms: Build at least 3 different forms that are live on your website. One of your forms must have at least a 20% submission rate and at least 100 views on that form for the last 120-days.
  9. Thank You Pages: Create at least 3 thank you pages that are live on your website and link to another offer.
    You must provide the URLs of your Thank You Pages. If you do not include URLs, your thank you pages will not be graded.
  10. Contacts: Create at least 3 custom Contact Properties. You must include the label for all three of these contact properties in the form down below.
  11. Lists:  Create at least 3 Smart Lists. One list you submit must use the contact property lifecycle stage and one must use a form submission as the criteria. Include links to these 3 lists in the form down below.
  12. Email: Send at least 3 segmented emails. At least one must have been delivered to at least 30 recipients, have a 25% open rate and 4% click-through rate. 
  13. Sources: Build and save three Sources reports, one for each of the following: visits, contacts, and one for customers.

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