Submit your HubSpot Trainer Certification practicum

Congratulations on passing the HubSpot Trainer Certification exam, and welcome to the final stage of becoming certified — submitting your practicum. You're almost ready to say you're an official HubSpot certified trainer!

Tips to getting your practicum approved:

  • In order to earn your certification, you must complete all the activities in your HubSpot Trainer Certification workbook.
  • After you submit your practicum for review, you should anticipate receiving a grade within seven business days. Practicums that do not meet requirements will need to be re-submitted.
  • This certification is tied to individuals, and so each person must submit their own completed practicum in order to become certified.
  • NOTE: After completing this form, you will be redirected to your Learning Center. You must click the "Check my work" button to finalize your practicum submission.

What are the criteria necessary for passing the certification?


Here's a summary of those activities:

  1. Activity: Training Skills. Assess your own training skills and identify the three skills you plan to focus on improving first.
  2. Activity: Learning Styles. Determine your preferred learning style and identify ways to accommodate this learning style for similar participants.
  3. Activity: Adult Learning Principles. Identify at least three specific ways you can apply these learning principles to your own training.
  4. Activity: Communication Skills. Evaluate your current strategy for communication in a training setting and create a plan (or update your existing plan).
  5. Activity: Backwards Planning. Create a backwards plan based on a specific training scenario.
  6. Activity: Preparing for Training. Evaluate and create your training preparation plan. 
  7. Activity: Delivery Styles. Determine the best delivery style approach based on example training scenarios.
  8. Activity: Classroom Management. Identify a plan to deal with different types of difficult participants.
  9. Activity: Training Event Landing Page. Create a training event landing page for a current or upcoming training.
  10. Activity: Pre-Training Emails. Create a series of pre-training emails to set proper expectations for participants.