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Courtney Sembler

The Matterhorn became my best friend in 2016

Course Responsibilities
Inbound Email
Contacts Database
Workflows, Lists, Lead Scoring

Courtney Sembler

Courtney joined HubSpot in July of 2015 as a member of the Support Organization. Following, she was a Principal Coach, on-boarding New Hires to the global Support Organization before joining the Academy Team in January of 2017. Courtney's purpose as an Inbound Professor to educate and inspire people about contacts management, lists, email, workflows/marketing automation and lead scoring. Hailing from the West Coast in California, she finds herself constantly looking for more mountains and oceans to explore while reading as many books as possible.

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Email marketing tips for small businesses

In this guest blog post, Courtney Sembler, an Inbound Marketing Professor at HubSpot, shares a series of email marketing tips for small businesses, as well as how small businesses can build an organic email database and generate high-quality leads through email marketing.Read more


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What's the Deal With Contacts?

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