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SEO Syllabus

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Find resources, lesson plans, and more in the Education Partner Program's SEO Syllabus

Teach your students about SEO and growing a business

One of the keys to growing a small business is a strong Search Engine Optimization strategy. SEO can be the key to running, promoting, and growing a business. Our syllabus covers the fundamentals of SEO and will guide students through key skills and tools that will help strengthen their understanding of the importance of SEO. 

  • A strong SEO strategy often makes up the backbone of a strong digital and content marketing strategy. While producing the content and executing campaigns is half the battle, ensuring the right people are finding the information is the other half and SEO is at the center of this.

    Teach students about the core principles of SEO and the role it plays in growing and promoting business both small and large. 

    This syllabus will cover SEO KPIs, search engine page rankings (SEPRs), keyword research, search authority, and more!

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