Open Access 2022 Session Details


Open Access Student Summit

Designed For Students, By Students 

We can't wait to meet you at Open Access 2022!
Review the information below for details on program sessions and our guest speakers. 

Day 1 | 1:00PM - 6:00PM ET

Welcome to Open Access 2022! Learn more about what to expect from the event and start connecting with fellow attendees. 

Navigating the workforce and launching your career can be challenging. Hear how these recent graduates have worked to launch their careers and learn more about available resources and opportunities at HubSpot. 


  • Gillian McLarty, University Relations Program Manager, HubSpot 
  • Nick Burgman - Associate Recruiter, Emerging Talent, HubSpot | 2022 Graduate, Morehouse College 
  • Juan Bordon, 2022 Graduate, Brandeis University 
  • Crystal Lopez, 2022 Graduate, California State University - Channel Islands 

This session will give an introduction to best practices that students and recent graduates should keep in mind when writing resumes and preparing for interviews. Attendees are welcome to attend this session even if they have not signed up for an individual resume review or mock interview session. 


Individuals must have registered to participate in a resume review session in advance. 

Attendees will be assigned a 20-minute session with a volunteer to review their resume. Please be prepared to share your resume in advance with your assigned reviewer. 

Individuals must have registered to participate in a mock interview session in advance. 

Attendees will be assigned a 20-minute session with a volunteer to participate in a mock interview. Additional details will be shared in advance of the session. 

Day 2 | 10:30 AM - 6:00 PM ET

Day 2 of Open Access will include keynote sessions, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities. We encourage you to review the agenda to determine which sessions you would like to attend. 

10:30 AM ET - A Conversation with HubSpot's Director of Recruiting

11:00 AM ET - Maximizing LinkedIn & Developing Your Personal Brand

Breakout Session #1:

How do you market yourself on one of the biggest professional platforms today? This workshop will help you understand how to improve your LinkedIn profile and develop a professional presence that will help you showcase your abilities and stand out in the job market. We will discuss how to find the balance of tailoring your professional brand to match your field of interest while still remaining authentic when expressing your personality and personal interest. Our speakers will discuss examples of strong LinkedIn profiles and share their own personal experiences of developing a professional brand.

12:00 PM ET - When and How to Pivot: Managing Rejection and Redirection

Breakout Session #1:

Sometimes life doesn’t happen the way we plan and unfortunately, this may require us to pivot and redirect our plans. However, this isn’t always a bad thing! For this workshop we will be joined by Lou Alexander, a former NFL athlete who through his journey of rejection and redirection, discovered a new path that led him to a successful career in sales and business. Lou will discuss authentic goal setting, provide a goal setting worksheet, discuss how to sell and market yourself in a professional setting, while sharing his personal story of successfully pivoting.

12:00 PM ET - Navigating Imposter Syndrome

Breakout Session #2:

Have you ever found yourself doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud? You are not alone. According to Common Wealth Times, in the US, one in five students experiences imposter syndrome. If you are second-guessing your abilities and find it challenging to accept your accomplishments, this workshop is for you! Learn about the different types of imposter syndrome, and how you can tackle each challenge. You’ve made it this far, this is your opportunity to learn about tools you can use to persevere and achieve your professional goals.

12:00 PM ET: Launching a Career in Marketing, Sales, or Customer Success

Breakout Session #3:

Interested in pursuing a career in marketing, sales or customer success? Let’s get you set up for success. This workshop will dive deeper into the differences between each field and provide examples of roles and responsibilities - along with details on the essential skills needed to get hired. Regardless of your major, this is a great opportunity to learn more about the best way to begin to launch your career in these areas.

1:30 PM ET - Accelerate Your Career with Powerful Goal Setting

Keynote Session

Aja Marsh - Photo-1

Aja Marsh, Momentum Coach 

Whether you’re taking the first step in your career or seeking to set yourself up for steady forward growth, you’ll maximize your opportunities through powerful and intentional goal-setting.

The best goals add structure and focus to your weeks while also being a way to connect to inspiration and core values and allowing you space to explore and celebrate your curiosity. 

Together, we’ll get into how to identify your intentions for the next few months and define what success looks like for you. And you’ll walk away empowered to get clear on your vision, craft meaningful goals, and prioritize your next steps.

2:30 PM ET: Tips for Salary Negotiation

Breakout Session #1:

You got an offer! Is it what you were expecting or are you wondering how you can start the process of negotiating? In this workshop, we will discuss the value of negotiating and share tips on how to negotiate your salary professionally. We will discuss salary as well as ways to negotiate other aspects of your offer. The goal of this session is to help normalize conversations around salary negotiation and share best practices to help you be successful in this situation.

2:30 PM ET: Mentorship & Building Authentic Relationship

Breakout Session #2:

In this workshop, we will discuss the importance of mentorship and best practices for building authentic professional relationships. Mentors can help make sure you have tech necessary tools to launch your career while sharing insight that is crucial to your professional development. We will explore best practices for networking and share opportunities for how you can connect with someone who is both relatable and inspiring to support your professional journey. 

3:30 PM ET: Micro-Internships & Non-Traditional Job Opportunities

Breakout Session #1:

As a student, sometimes it can be challenging to take on full-time internships or manage working a full-time job. Micro-internships, apprenticeships, and paid campus opportunities can be a great way to gain experience while practicing your skills. Join this session to learn more about HubSpot’s micro-internship program, the differences between “internships” and “micro-internships,” and the opportunities you can take advantage of.

3:30 PM ET: Non-Tech Roles at a Tech Company

Breakout Session #2:

Sometimes there is a perception that to work at a tech company you need to have majored in a STEM field. However, there are a ton of opportunities to work in tech that do not require a tech background. From working in policy to recruiting, to education, this session will discuss non-tech roles and the transferable skills that will help you find success.