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Introduction to Social Media

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Videos in this class

Introductory Training
Why is social media essential to inbound?
How can I use social media effectively?
Tool Walk-through Videos
How to use Social Inbox
Creating your social posts
Creating your social publishing schedule
Analyzing your published social posts
Creating your social monitoring streams
How to use Social Reporting

Class Description

Social media is changing rapidly, so it’s important for you to keep up!  This class will teach you why social media is an essential element to every inbound strategy. You will learn how to implement best practices to create an effective social media strategy including social media monitoring, publishing, and reporting.

This Topic Is Taught by

Markiesha Ollison
Markiesha Ollison (@Markiesha20), Inbound Professor at the HubSpot Academy, specializes in social media marketing and analytics, where she’s best known for blending a knack for improvisational content creation with data-driven trend analysis. Markiesha joined the HubSpot Events Team in 2014, where she managed social media marketing campaigns responsible for driving traffic to the 10k+ attendee INBOUND14 event website, garnering over $2MM in ticket sales. She’s now helping tens of thousands of marketers apply strategic and scalable social media and reporting strategies through the HubSpot Academy’s video content and certifications.