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Student Portfolio Project

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Guide your students through building a portfolio on HubSpot using our Student Portfolio Project

Guide your students through showcasing their work

Through building their own portfolio using HubSpot's CMS Hub, students will not only gain experience with building landing pages but will be able to learn more about the importance of building a portfolio. As much as this project serves as a method of showcasing a student's work for employers and their peers, it serves as a reflective activity where they can see and track their progress over time. 

Students will gain invaluable experience when it comes to building their personal brand understanding how to present themselves to prospective employers. 

  • Building a portfolio is an important part of showcasing a student’s work and can give their career a boost. However, it is also a reflective academic activity that could allow for students to share and compare their perspectives with their peers, and see an archive of their work (and how it’s improved over time). 

    By centering the student’s own identity and experience, the framework of this activity is designed to prepare your students to enter a career in marketing, sales, and/or customer service/success.



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