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Education Partner Academic Innovation Fund

Could You & Your Students Use Extra Funding?

  1. HubSpot's Education Partner Program believes that limited access to flexible funding and educational resources should not prevent educators from bringing innovation and creativity into their classrooms. 

    The Academic Innovation Fund - Micro-Grant Program was established to provide financial assistance to Education Partners seeking to engage their students in unique academic programs that support innovation, experiential learning, professional development, and educational equity.

    Professors from eligible HubSpot Education Partner Program Institutions are invited to submit a project proposal to receive micro-grant funding! Examples of projects that have received funding in the past are available below. 

    Not sure if your institution is currently a member of the Education Partner Program? Or, are you interested in joining? Becoming a HubSpot Education Partner is free and easy! Learn more and join today

  • HubSpot's Education Partner Program provides colleges, universities, and their professors with everything they need to teach leading courses in marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, and communications.

    We provide access to free enterprise-level HubSpot software, educational resources, curriculum development support, and access to a global community of 2100+ educators. 

    Professors who are teaching credit-bearing courses at an accredited, degree-granted institution are invited to join the program. 

    Learn More & Apply Here 

  • Education Partner Academic Innovation Fund Micro-Grants are small, one-time, awards given to eligible partners in HubSpot's Education Partner Program to directly support the implementation of academic programs and projects. 

    Micro-grants are designed to inspire creative and innovative thinking. Micro-grant programs/projects should increase access to opportunities for students and decrease the financial burden that would typically be incurred by students and faculty. 

    Currently, projects with a proposed budget of up to $5,000 to partially or fully fund your project will be considered. 

  • Membership in HubSpot's Education Partner Program:
    • Applicants must be a professor or faculty member from an approved HubSpot Education Partner Program institution.  
    • Applicants must be actively working with students as a professor, as a faculty advisor, or as a department chair. 
    Project Requirements 
    • Proposed projects must support experiential learning, defined as the process of students learning by doing and reflecting. Projects must also support academic preparedness in fields supported by HubSpot including marketing, sales, communications, business, entrepreneurship, and software technology. 
    • Proposed project outcomes must be accomplished within 12 to 18 months of receiving the grant funding. 
  • All applications must be submitted by June 10, 2022. Applicants should expect to provide the following information. 
    1. Contact/Basic Information 

    2. Type of Project
      Examples include Classroom supplies/resources, conference sponsorships, professional organization memberships, student competitions, employment opportunities, micro-internships, curriculum development, speaker fees, and trips. If other, please specify in the application. 

    3. Project Proposal
      Submit a description of the project or program that you would like to fund. Your description should answer the following questions. (600-word max.) 
      • How will the grant be used?
      • What academic, career readiness, experiential learning, or professional development value will the project provide your students? 
      • What led you to seek funding? Please also describe any relevant details about the specific needs of your students, community, classroom, or institution.

    4. Learning Outcomes 

    5. Proposed Budget (A template is provided)

    6. Project Timeline (proposed start and end dates) 

    7. Key Milestones

    8. Required Documents
      Award Notifications will be shared on or before June 15, 2022. The following documents must be submitted before June 24, 2022, to receive your micro-grant award. 
      • An invoice, issued by your institution indicating the award amount
      • W-9 tax form from your institution
      • HubSpot ACH form (will be provided)

    9. Additional Information  
      • Headshot
      • Bio (300-word max.) 
      • Acceptance of Terms and Conditions 



  • Applications are currently being accepted for the Spring/Summer micro-grant program cycle. Applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. 

    Applications Open: May 13, 2022

    Applications Close: June 10, 2022 

    Award Notifications: June 15, 2022 (on/before) 

    Deadline to Submit Required Financial Documents: June 24, 2022 

    Payment Processing & Distribution of Funds: July 2022 


Project Examples

  • Morgan State University
    Dr. David Marshall

    Project Overview: Morgan State University's Strategic Communications website serves as a showcase for students' work and requires financial support to host, design, and maintain. Students in the Strategic Communications program write copy, choose the images, discuss strategic placement of information, monitor back-end analytics and help write the end of the semester report, which is distributed to employers and internship providers. In addition to the technical pieces, students also engage in important aspects of personal branding to help get their work before internship supervisors and employers. 

    Funding Outcome: Micro-grant funding was used to cover the hosting fees and allow for the hosting of student portfolios on the website for two semesters. 

  • Morgan State University
    Dr. David Marshall 
     Project Overview: Morgan State University is one of a handful of HBCUs in the country with a PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) chapter. Since earning their charter in 2017, students aligned to this organization have been more likely to earn an internship than those who have not, and almost always have jobs when they graduate from the program. PRSSA memberships are among the most expensive pre-professional memberships when compared to any other student organization and the cost is out of reach for most of our students.

    Funding Outcome: Micro-grant funding was used to sponsor 18 PRSSA student memberships for Morgan State students in 2021. 

  • Mills College 
    Carrie Maultsby 

    Project Overview: The Center for Transformative Action (CTA) at Mills College hosts powerful convenings that support professional development and provide pathways into employment and entrepreneurship. CTA's 13th Annual Conference focuses on the theme: Unfinished: Actualizing an Intersectional Anti-Racist Future. Over one thousand participants are registered to attend 15 sessions and hear from more than 60 speakers. 

    Funding Outcome: The micro-grant funding sponsored attendance for 60 students to attend the conference and provided the Education Partner Program team the opportunity to moderate a panel entitled: Technology & Workforce Initiatives, Pathways to Success. 

  • Borough of Manhattan Community College
    Dina Tate 

    Project Overview: While the effects of the pandemic and political and social unrest have created challenges, these have also provided opportunities to inspire students and reimagine teaching. In order to equip students with the information and tools needed to embrace data and understand the anatomy of their "likes" and how it impacts brand strategy, support is needed to offset the cost of software, equipment, and other fees that faculty and students typically incur. 

    Funding Outcome: Micro-grant funding was used to purchase technology equipment, vlogging kits, a Canva Education subscription, an AdWeek Subscription, and other educational resources to support applied learning. 

  • CSU - Channel Islands
    Dr. Ekin Pehlivan 

    Project Overview: CSU-CI's annual Plot-a-Thon introduces students to a range of hands-on data visualization skills that push them to develop skills with and beyond Excel. Through workshops, guest speakers, and participation in a 24-hour data visualization competition, Plot-a-Thon also increases student awareness of data visualizations, and the value of using visuals to tell a data story. It also draws expertise and knowledge from across disciplines to make this event an opportunity for interdisciplinary and collaborative learning.

    Funding Outcome: The micro-grant helped support micro-internships for the students leading the competition, faculty recruitment, and a sponsored networking hour for the competition participants. 

  • CSU - Channel Islands 
    Ekin Phehlivan

    Project Overview: CSU- CI's Micro-internship Program is a paid, immersive, problem-based learning program that complements students’ academic experience with training and hands-on learning. 

    The program is innovative in that it includes “gamified pathways,” a technique that incorporates game-like elements in the learning process to increase student engagement and ensure the micro-interns have the career skills and technical training necessary to carry out the projects. The current pathways include training in MS Teams, marketing research, digital design, and project management. The student decides which pathway to pursue and chooses a real-world project to work on in consultation with a faculty member. Micro-interns are paid for training and their project work, providing economic support for students as they gain valuable skills and experience. Community partners pay for service or receive free services through gifts and grants such as this.

    Funding Outcomes: The micro-grant supported 2 students in creating a HubSpot training pathway focused on landing page intake design and email automation.

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    Summer 2022 Applications are OPEN!


    Deadline: June 10, 2022

    Questions? Email microgrants@hubspot.com