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About the Education Partner Program

HubSpot's Education Partner Program provides college and university professors with everything they need to teach leading courses in marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, and communications.

Bring the theory and practice of running and growing a business into your classroom. Get access to the free software, resources, community, and support you need to give your students a competitive advantage in the job market. 



Access marketing and sales software, free for academic use. Students can combine strategy with execution to create and apply digital marketing and sales strategies, just like the professionals do. 
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Join a network of educators teaching inbound marketing and sales at colleges and universities around the world. Benefit from the community-driven guidance and learnings that can transform your classroom.
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 Start a course from scratch or improve an existing one with free, open, educational resources like certifications, syllabi, lesson plans, and exercises. Peer-tested, industry-approved. Up-to-date, relevant, and easy to integrate. 
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Set up your students for a competitive job marketplace by strengthening the way they analyze, create, and improve marketing and sales strategies. Supplement your course with market-leading software, industry-recognized certifications, and a network of professors transforming the way the world does business. 

Education Partner Testimonials

The HubSpot materials reinforce my textbook and help the students apply major inbound marketing methodologies like search, social, email, and content marketing. The certification not only helps the students learn but elevates the quality of class discussion.

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  • Dr. Debra Zahay-Blatz
  • Professor of Marketing, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Chair. St. Edward's University

What a novel approach compared to a staid old blog or webinar. The Education Partner Program feels very different, and valuable, and encouraging to an instructor in higher ed. Like having a dinner party and inviting people from all over the world whom you think would have great conversations. It's a kind of "salon" like in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Ned Liddell
  • Ned Liddell
  • CRM Adjunct Professor, NYU
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