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Share tips, tricks, and best practices with higher-ed instructors around the world.

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Together we're transforming marketing and sales higher education around the world.

  1. Education Partner Resource Center

    Collaborate in the Resource Center

    We've aggregated the best resources for teaching marketing, sales, communications, and entrepreneurship. 
    Post your ideas and provide feedback in the exclusive Education Partner resource center. 
    You'll find an audience of your peers looking for new resources to include in their classes. It's a great opportunity to share your knowledge and build thought leadership. 
  2. HubSpot Community Forums

    Join the Community

    Connect with HubSpot's community of certified professionals and software users.
    With thousands of active users, you and your students can feel confident using HubSpot's software. 
    Explore HubSpot Academy's extensive education library and connect with other learners. 
    Ask questions and receive advice on inbound marketing and sales strategies. 
  3. Slack for Education Partners

    Slack for Education Partners

    Chat with a network of educators who are teaching HubSpot and inbound marketing and sales in their classrooms.
    Benefit from the community-driven guidance and learnings that can transform your students' experience.
    Converse as a group and connect one-to-one to form relationships that will transform the way you teach and how your students learn. 
  • Ned Liddell headshot
    What a novel approach compared to a staid old blog or webinar. It feels very different, and valuable, and encouraging to an instructor in higher ed. Like having a dinner party and inviting people from all over the world whom you think would have great conversations. It's a kind of "salon" like in the 17th and 18th centuries.

    Ned Liddell

    CRM Adjunct Professor


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