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What do our Education Partners have to say?

I'm thankful for organizations like HubSpot that provide high-quality marketing content and supporting resources for educators. It helps instructors keep their courses fresh and teaches students core fundamentals that often get overlooked with employer-based training.

Jeremy Galante
Instructor of Digital Marketing, Monroe Community College
The students love the hands-on experience and getting to do something real vs. absorbing the theoretical knowledge taught in class.
Paula Morris
Professor Emeritus, Salisbury University
HubSpot's Education Partner Program allows our students to gain real-life experiences using a CRM program. Also, HubSpot is a leader in the industry with publishing current industry topics and creating software to aid in CRM, marketing, and web solutions.
Sarah Ninmer
Instructor of Marketing, Moraine Park Technical College
“I’ve heard from students that the experience felt like working in a 'real-world' agency. This is a proven model for preparing students for rewarding careers in public relations, marketing communication, and related disciplines."
Carl Zangerl
Professor of Communications, Northeastern University

How do our Education Partners use the EPP?

Champlain and Baldwin Wallace (3)

Northeastern University

Read about Northeastern University's first-in-class experiential learning opportunity, Virtual Public Relations firm. Utilizing HubSpot Education Partner Program resources, students are able to develop research reports, create PR plans, and design and deliver promotional content to help them increase brand awareness for real clients.

Champlain and Baldwin Wallace

Baldwin Wallace University & Champlain College

Read about how students at Baldwin Wallace University and Champlain College worked with real clients to solve their problems by using HubSpot software provided through the EPP. From developing lead-nurturing workflows to building pillar pages, the applied learning experience gave students real-life exposure to not only working with real clients, but with professional CRM software as well.

Champlain and Baldwin Wallace (1)

Sheridan College

Read about how Sheridan College is bringing internship experience into the classroom. Sheridan is bridging the gap between theory and application after finding that students who learn theory were having trouble completing assignments that required application and sought to fix it. As Dr. Sujinda-Hwang Leslie puts it, "We've switched the focus from 'what' to 'how'."

University of Missouri - St. Louis

University of Missouri - St. Louis

The University of Missouri - St. Louis simply recognizes the importance of giving students exposure to professional software and the impact that can have for a student when they are applying for jobs and ultimately, starting their careers. Through certifications, guest speakers, and assignments that have students actively using the CRM software, UMSL students are actively preparing for success in life after college.