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  1. EPP Resources Page Snapshot

    Explore our Classroom Resources

    We've aggregated a variety of different resources that are designed to help you engage in applied learning with your students.
    All of these free resources were created in collaboration with educators in this program and experts in digital marketing, sales, social media, and entrepreneurship. These professor resources include entire syllabi, full of exercises and lesson plans that you can use with students in class.
    You can also find instructor guides and opportunities to partner with HubSpot to enrich your courses. Take a look at this page to see how instructors have successfully worked with HubSpot to complement their coursework.
  2. Education Partner Community

    Join the Community

    The Education Partner Community thrives from faculty members and HubSpotters sharing their expertise and feedback with each other. This community is a dedicated place for the 1700+ professors in our program to collaborate, sharing their wins and learnings with each other.

    Use the community to browse teaching methodologies you can implement in the classroom, explore ideas for professional development, and find practical career advice for students. 

    It's also the forum where we post updates to our product, software, and certifications that you can use in your courses.

    Join the Conversation
  3. Teachers Lounge Podcast

    Keep an Ear on the Industry

    Listen-in on conversations with other professors around student empowerment, an entrepreneur’s approach to teaching, new-age marketing concepts, and much more!

    In the Teacher’s Lounge Podcast, Isaac Moche hosts university professors, industry professionals, and students to share their stories, ideas, and aspirations.

    In one of our featured episodes, hear a student’s perspective on how applied learning using CRM and marketing software in the classroom set him up for a successful career.

    Check out our podcast here
What a novel approach compared to a staid old blog or webinar. It feels very different, and valuable, and encouraging to an instructor in higher ed. Like having a dinner party and inviting people from all over the world whom you think would have great conversations. It's a kind of "salon" like in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Ned Liddell

CRM Adjunct Professor


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